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The nine (9) pound Izhmash Biathlon rifle is designed to compete in the 50 meter Biathlon event.  Its unique action utilizes a toggle bolt, so very little movement is needed to extract,  and reload.  Bolt operation is the fastest of any manually operated rimfire rifle, moreover, the sight plane is not disturbed during bolt operation.  The barrel as delivered is nineteen (19") long.

The Biathlon model includes:

bulletHammer forged coated barrel with match chamber/rifling
bulletFully adjustable click rear sight
bulletHooded front sight with interchangeable inserts
bulletFully adjustable target trigger
bulletAdjustable shimmed butt plate
bulletAdjustable comb
bulletAluminum forend rail for accessories
bulletAdjustable sling swivels, and sling
bulletSki harness
bulletSnow covers for barrel/sights
bulletRound trigger block
bulletSeven (7) magazines
bulletStock that holds extra magazines
bulletSoft case
bulletCleaning and tool kit

Available from MT Guns for:

Right hand 7-4 or 7-3:  $1445.00

Left hand 7-4 or 7-3:  $1445.00

Biathlon Basic 7-2:  Call for price and availability

Biathlon Basic 7-2 LH Modification:  Call for price and availability - Click here for details

Sight Set for Biathlon Basic:  Call for price and availability

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