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MT Guns is pleased to present for sale the  Izhmash CM-2 line of rifles. 

The CM-2 is available in two varieties:  Adult and Cadet.  Both share the following characteristics:

Adjustable Trigger
Adjustable Buttplate
Adjustable Forearm Rail

CM-2 Youth

Barrel Length 20"
Weight 7.9 Lbs.
Overall Length 37"
Front Sight aperture Set
Cleaning Rod
Competition Sling

CM-2 Adult 

Barrel Length 26.75"
Weight 10 lbs.
Overall Length 43.75"


Item Price
CM-2 Youth (Available New) $585.00
CM-2 Adult (Available New) $585.00


CM-2 Adult

CM-2 Cadet

CM-2 Accessories

USA Shooting CM-2 Youth

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