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Barnard Actions

Single shot, and repeating, rigid target rifle actions from Barnard in New Zealand.

Mastin Stocks

Target rifle stocks designed for long range prone, cross the course, and F-class shooting from Mastin in Australia.  Click here for Mastin's site.

True-Flite Barrels

Target rifle barrels available in several calibers, from .22 to .50 and most popular twist rates.

Biathlon Rifles

Biathlon rifles in .22 LR.

Used Rifles

Used rifles:  Smallbore:  Anschutz, Walther, BSA, Finnish Lion (Valmet), Remington, Winchester and others!

Tikka Target Rifles with or without customizations, and accessories.

Riles Sights

Scott Riles Sights, the American made answer to the RPA Ladder Front Sight.

Replacement Triggers

Barnard triggers to replace Tikka factory triggers.

CM-2 Rifles

Entry level .22 LR match rifles.





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